Do you yearn to have a closer connection with your child but just don’t know how?

Are you heartbroken that you feel so distant from them, or completely baffled that you have such a challenging relationship?




The hidden truth of many mothers is that they do not feel as close to their child as they think they should or would like to be. Whatever the reason, this disconnect exists. It is real; it is painful and can feel deeply frustrating or lonely.

No one speaks of it, and it induces shame to even think about it. Many mothers suppress their struggle and the pain of disconnect. They don’t seek help because of the shame of not being a good enough, strong enough, or loving enough mother.

Rebirthing Connection is a 6 Step, One-on-One Coaching program specifically designed to create a powerful pathway of reconnection between you and your child, no matter their age.


Here’s what we will explore:

1~The story: the "Why?" Look at your personal story of motherhood, the challenges, and the impact of how that feeling of disconnect affects your relationship. Speak the unspeakable, in a space of non-judgment and love.

2~An honest look at what gets in the way of connection. The reason this disconnection exists will be illuminated and you will be given tools to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship to yourself and your child.

3~Looking at the bigger picture: ever wondered why you are a parent to this child? We will explore and discover the profound spiritual journey you are on as a mother. The deeper why.

4~Crafting a specific parenting “Super Tool” that will support you daily on your journey of reflection and reconnection.

5~Designing a Rebirthing Connection Ceremony. Based on the amazing realizations you have discovered so far, I will support you in creating a heartfelt ceremony for you and your child. It will be an initiation into a new phase of your mothering. It is a deeply moving and transformative ceremony.

6~“Postpartum” care: This final phase of Rebirthing Connection will solidify steps to support you to continue to cultivate a more soulful connection with your child.


This program is for you if you want:

~Soulful connection to your child and a deeper understanding of your journey together. 

~To discover what gets in the way of intimacy and why.

~To let go of the shame around feeling disconnected and embrace a new way of being together.

~To create radical changes in your mothering through personal reflection and realizations.

~Freedom to be the parent you yearn to be. 


How you will feel after the journey:

~ Gratitude: you will feel the gift of deep internal change and how it reflects in your mothering.

~ Clarity in how patterns play out in your dynamic, and how to shift them.

~ More spaciousness for feeling deep love and appreciation for your child.

~ Renewed & filled with hope, optimism and JOY.

~ Reconnected to self, your values as a parent, and who you are here to BE. 

What does Rebirthing Connection look like?

~  2 x monthly calls over 3-month period: 6 calls in total.

~ ‘Soulwork’ between each call: you will be given specific tools to practice after each phase to ensure that there will be continual growth and transformations unfolding in between calls.

~Email and text support.


Enrollment for the May - July program is open.There are only 2 more spots available: 

Regularly $2997,  Sign up before May 1st and you get a $500 discount. Only $2497

 Pay in total: $2497 OR 3 payments of $900.

Jayantii has the powerful ability to truly, authentically, honor us wherever we are in our journeys. There is no more potent magic, to my mind, than to actively and dynamically hold space for what is. And she has it. Her insight and vision shed light into our shadowy places; her love, grace, and wisdom are divinely attuned; to work with her is to know yourself and your callings more keenly, so you can live your brightest, most soulful life. If you are prepared to be loved fiercely and held gently by a soulful partner for The Way, she’s who you want at your side.
— Sheila Delaney Duke