Are you standing in a desert, burnt out, thirsty to feel your soul?

Do you have success and everything you need to lead a happy life yet feel stuck?

Have you lost a piece of yourself in day to day living and forgotten what matters most? 



I know what it’s like to be in that dusty dry desert with no water in sight. You dream of that abundant green oasis, but just don't know how to get there. You’re parched, lips dry, but are willing to get your hands dirty and move earth to find that spring of hope.

Quench your thirst by letting go of depleting patterns and reaching for your freedom. Step out of fear and into the lush wild terrain of limitless possibilities. You can lead a fulfilling and passionate life that also brings ease, happiness and joy. You can live a life that radiates the substance of your soul, where you feel vibrant, energized and connected to what truly matters. It is possible, lean in and I can lead you there.

It's time to take the adventure of your soul.


We will explore the emotional timeline of your life and trace back to the core wound that keeps old patterns in place. We will excavate a framework of negative beliefs that have kept you playing small and illuminate your negative ego's strategies of disempowerment that keep you stuck and in fear. Intimately knowing where you hold back in life will bring you freedom.

These will also reveal the triumph of your soul and what you are here to transcend in this life. Your wounded child and adolescent can become free, and you can step into life as an empowered and spiritual adult. This is your sacred work and the time for you to uncover your juiciest passions, your unique gifts, and step into the light unhindered and fully alive. Here you get to consciously create and reclaim the magic of your soul's journey. Move towards deep transformation and passionately fall in love with your extraordinary life!

Join me to: 

  • let go of fear based strategies of protection
  • reconnect to what sparks your joy and what matters most
  • create a clear vision of what you want your life to be - and manifest it
  • discover and embody your Life and Soul purpose
  • get radically inspired and stand in the truth of who you are
  • become an awakened soul and access the wisdom of your heart


This lifetime is a unique dance of your soul. Learn its rhythm, learn its song, and let yourself soar! 


What it looks like:

2 - One hour phone sessions per month OR we design what would best suit your personal needs. In between each session you will also get 'soul work' which is designed to support your growth and deepening of self awareness. Live in a different country? No problem, I serve clients worldwide in different timezones.

What you can expect from me:  I hold the truth of who you are in your full potential and honor your capacity to grow and expand to enormous heights. I will reflect truth and honesty, and ground your healing as a priority. I will hold the essence of you, until you can claim it for yourself.

Each call is a powerful conversation and may open with a grounding meditation, a question or something you instinctively bring. The session will be focused on specific steps of awakening, each one a stepping stone on the journey of transformation. To create significant and lasting momentum in your life, I ask for a minimum of 6 months commitment.

I believe that to achieve anything extraordinary in life, there needs to be willingness to engage, and most of all the willingness to give yourself the gift of change.

Jayantii’s fierce leadership calls you deeply into your courage to claim the truth of your heart. She lovingly supports you to fully acknowledge and feel whatever insecurity, doubt, hesitation and fear has been running amuck so that you come through with deep understanding, fully restored in your power.......

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- Kris Gleason. Sea Change Coaching, San Francisco, CA