Crack open your heart and lead a more soul driven life.


You feel it in every fiber of your being. You want to break free and shake off the shackles. You have a thirst to live differently, to transform, to find another way.

You may not know where to start or how to do it, but you know it is time for change.  You are ready. It is time for your rebirth. 

The journey toward true transformation is not a quick fix, nor for the faint of heart. It is a courageous act of self love & discovery. It is a remembering of who you are and have always been. It is a time for you to connect to your heart & embrace what it means to be a sacred soul living a life you love.

Take the leap and I will show you the way.

I am a professional Soul Coach who inspires you to live your magic by uncovering old beliefs that keep you stuck, igniting your deepest passions and revealing the reason your unique soul exists.

I believe you matter.

My wish for you is to live your wildest life, 
unhindered in your passion, deeply feeling, & fully alive.


Jayantii’s magic lies in her connection to nature, the elements and in her knowing that every relationship and life circumstance is an opportunity for spiritual expansion.  She can see and hold the truth of you, for you, until you can see and claim it for yourself....

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- Ivy Petersen. Coach & Leader at Sunshine Coaching, Santa Rosa, CA