I am a Healer, Intuitive, and Soul Coach empowering people to live an awakened and conscious life.

As a passionate advocate for transformation, I want for all people to feel powerfully connected to their mattering and to their soul. I am a deep diving, 'lets get to it' kind of a person. I like to move beneath the surface and see who you truly are. 

I have explored the murky waters of my own insecurities, pains, and limitations. Especially when I became a new, vulnerable, sleep deprived mother. In the hardest of moments, the deeper stories of the past come alive - they come up for healing. 

For almost 20 years I have been a healer and set up a thriving business as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Craniosacral Therapist, integrating western herbalism, yoga and ancient healing practices. Today I am devoted to creating leadership and transformation retreats and coaching my clients to greater freedom. Witnessing people connect to their soul not only fulfills and delights me, it also makes me feel resonant and alive. 


If you know me, you feel held. If you have shared your heart with me, you feel deeply loved.

 I am a truth teller, a way show-er, I am here to shine the light on your path.  You already have the innate wisdom; my job is to guide you back there.


I’m your coach if :


You want someone who:

  • is highly intuitive and can hear beneath your words
  • has a sense of humor, but is not afraid of going to your deepest shadows 
  • is your fierce ally - yet gentle, loving and kind
  • can create sacred space for transformation

You want: 

  • a safe place to explore your full expression so your visions can come to life
  • to be called into your courage and claim the truth of who you are
  • fresh perspectives and powerful truths that can set you free
  • an awakened and soul-driven life

Jayantii and I have explored some incredibly deep and confusing inner terrain together, and she is always a beacon of grounded strength and loving wisdom. She anchors me to what’s true and helps me get clarity about what’s really going on with me. I trust her completely to both help me see where I’m caught, and compassionately lead me home to my real self.....

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 - Liz Wiltzen. Professional Certified Coach, Fine Artist, Writer. Banff, Canada 

Professional Coach Training:

21016/17: Lucid Living’s Great Story Mastery Program: An advanced coaching program that teaches the complex terrain of Emotional Fluency, Ego Mastery and development, and how to Evoke the Sacred. 

2015/16 :Lucid Living’s Great Story Coaching Program: A revolutionary coaching Program created to reveal the grand design of your life through a transformational journey of discovering your Great Story.

2013/14 : Co-Active Leadership Program: A powerful, experiential 10-month in-depth and transformative leadership training that identifies your unique strengths as a leader and empowers you to be ready to lead for the future.

2012 : Co-Active Coach Training at CTI, The Coaches Training Institute. CTI is the largest, oldest and most reputable coach training school. They teach Coaching Programs globally, earning the most trusted accreditations in the world. 

Other things about me:

I was born and raised in Ireland, and was one of those freckly knobby kneed children running wild in the fields of Wicklow. A nature lover and adventurer, I got refueled by beauty. I fell in love with traveling and living in different countries, and eventually met my Texan red-bearded husband in Denmark and married there. We moved to Northern California nearly 10 years ago and had an explosion of growth and passion as we dove even more deeply into all that we loved.

I delight in song, connection, dance, herbal medicine- making anything crafty and creating beauty. I have had a meditation practice for nearly 20 years and thrive by going to retreats as often as I can. But most transformative of all was when I became a mother, I am constantly blown away by the magic of my beautiful daughter and the teachings of her young soul. She has brought more healing & joy then I could ever of imagined possible.  

If I am not expanding consciousness with clients, I am pursuing all things magical that make me feel radiant and alive!