Words from the heart......

Jayantii and I have explored some incredibly deep and confusing inner terrain together, and she is always a beacon of grounded strength and loving wisdom. She anchors me to what’s true and helps me get clarity about what’s really going on with me. I trust her completely to both help me see where I’m caught, and compassionately lead me home to my real self.

Time and again her guidance is a gift that is a gentle but direct invitation to shift my relationship to my experience from one of powerlessness, to one of standing in my truth with courage, trusting I am magical and unlimited in my ability to create what I want.
— Liz Wiltzen. Professional Certified Coach, Fine Artist, Writer. Banff, Canada
Jayantii evokes a sense of comfort an ease in her coaching. Her nurturing and grounded energy envelops you and creates a safe space for exploration and full expression. When she coaches me, I feel as though I am being held in a way a that would be expected by a loving and wise mother or grandmother.

Jayantii’s magic lies in her connection to nature, the elements and in her knowing that every relationship and life circumstance is an opportunity for spiritual expansion. She can see and hold the truth of you, for you, until you can see and claim it for yourself.
— Ivy Petersen. Coach & Leader at Sunshine Coaching, Santa Rosa, CA
Jayantii is this wonderful paradoxical leader and coach. Her most amazing paradox is her incredibly powerful clean divine feminine energy -earth mother that has all sorts of room for life to show up the way it needs to and at the same time she has this powerfully clean divine masculine fire in her that can cut right through the BS and get to the heart of the matter.

So if you are looking for the fierce protection of the bear and the inspiration and transformative nature of the phoenix then you want to give Jayantii a call.
— Henry Kimsey- House: Founder/ Owner at CTI- The Coaches Training Institute
Jayantii is a warm presence who is a wonderful and skilled listener. She has an extraordinary ability to ask questions that in essence create a breadcrumb trail to lead you to a deeper level of self-discovery.

I received acknowledgement, tenderness, fresh perspectives and practical tools that support my self-inquiry as well as navigate the murky waters that accompany the journey of becoming myself.

Jayantii has given me skills to look deeper and deeper, behind the familiar emotions, and excavate the powerful truths which we all seek.
— Kerry Ingram. Founder of Mothering Arts, Graton, CA
Jayantii supported me through a really rough time. She was skillful and efficient in helping me connect with my destiny in a grounded way, and guided me back to what mattered most and how to get more of what I needed.

Jayantii is incredible and I recommended her to anyone in need of real life support and empowerment. She is a guide, a teacher and a person of high wisdom and integrity.
— Christopher Allen Neumann. Bodyworker, Oakland CA
Jayantii’s fierce leadership calls you deeply into your courage to claim the truth of your heart. She lovingly supports you to fully acknowledge and feel whatever insecurity, doubt, hesitation and fear has been running amuck so that you come through with deep understanding, fully restored in your power.

While you are making your visions and goals come to life, Jayantii evokes your true confidence, she fans the flames of your playfulness and she draws you in to celebrate your unique brilliance. She brings out the best in you and brings love to all the rejected places within. Working with Jayantii is an expansive act of self-love.
— Kris Gleason. Sea Change Coaching, SF, CA
Jayantii weaves a unique tapestry of modern coaching practices and grounded ancient traditions, swinging the door open to deep lasting transformation. It’s not a quick fix - it’s a journey where no stone if left unturned, where you get to embody a whole new soul-driven sense of self.

She is fiercely loving and deeply empathic. With her incredible intuition and laser focus, she is not afraid to speak the hard truths, and yet I always feel completely seen and held in her compassionate loving presence. Jai is beautiful inside and out.
— Kate Tooke. Passion & Desire Coach, BC, Canada.
I would not be who I am today nor living the amazing adventure I have found myself in, if it was not for Jayantii. Her intuitive words have lead me into territories I never would have expected. I had done years of therapy and exploring and could not imagine I really had any “new issues” to uncover. But uncover I did. Jayantii held my hand through it all and told me to not give up. That the light would come. And boy did it ever!! The person I have blossomed into and continue to keep growing into, astounds me. What has uncovered is exciting and glorious.

One of the highlights has been creating an honest and deep relationship with my husband and adult daughter which has surpassed what I ever imagined. But more importantly I have started to truly do my souls work. To find out what I really want in life and who I want to be. I feel so blessed and lucky to have had this amazing coach and healer in my life. And heal she did.
— Donna Pantzer, Woman who found Freedom, Sebastopol, CA